How To Cultivate A New Habit or Get A Nap

It’s time for another confidence hack. Today is all about cultivating new habits. There’s nothing to boost your confidence like getting into the habit of doing something positive. I don’t care if it’s giving up coffee or smoking, hitting the gym each morning, or getting your most dreaded task out of the way by 10 am.

I’ll start. ~ I am not a morning person but current circumstances dictate that I am up by 5:30 and traveling by 6:15. ~ (Pause for added drama here) ~ A.M.

I am normally back home by 7:20 and then have to make myself stay up, because I know if I lay back down I will sleep til noon. I don’t have time to sleep til noon because Life is happening so I had to start making a to do list in the A.M. to make certain I stayed awake and got started on my amazing day.

So I broke down and bought myself a Planner. I schedule what I am going to do and then do it. The first thing I schedule in is adding citrus to an aromatherapy diffuser, and filling my home with the scent of lemons or oranges.  Citrus is great for waking up and brings with it a sense of joy and well being. I started out barely scheduling anything but after 30 days I find the more I schedule the more I get done and no one has to know that I schedule myself a nap in the afternoon because I am a night owl. No One but you, and I and I am trusting that you won’t tell.

Time is one of the hardest things to manage but the more you manage it the more it seems you have. You might say, I don’t have time for a nap in the afternoon but if it is on your schedule, even if you do not want to sleep it is a period of time that allows you to relax, meditate, pray or sometimes I just listen to music. It recharges me and I am able to accomplish even more the rest of the day.

We all have habits we would like to create that will improve our lives, our jobs, or at the very least make things easier for us. But establishing new habits isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be hard to get going. Which is where today’s confidence hack comes into play. I have a simple little strategy that you can deploy anytime you want to cultivate a new good habit.

Use The KISS Principle
Creating new habits isn’t easy. That’s why it’s important to keep it simple (Keep It Simple Silly). Don’t over complicate things and don’t try to change too much at once. Instead of completely making over your morning for example, tackle it one habit at a time. Start by getting up at a certain time of the day and doing one simple task like writing in your journal. Once that habit is established, start making a new one. Rinse and repeat until you’ve completely made over your morning routine, one positive habit at a time.
Commit For 30 Days

It takes about 30 days to start establishing a new habit. Use the same concept and commit to your new habit for 30 days. At the end of that time you should see some serious results and chances are you’ve formed the new habit so you no longer have to put a lot of energy and effort into making it happen on a daily basis.

There you have it. Keep it simple and define one new habit you want to establish. Then stick to it for 30 days. It can be helpful to have a calendar or checklist where you can check it off every day. Your biggest challenges will be to remember to do the new task each day, and to keep from talking yourself into slacking off towards the middle of that month long commitment. By the end the new habit should become a true habit and something you will do without having to think about at least spending a lot of energy talking yourself into getting it done.

What one new habit do you want to start today? Do You Nap Too? Tell me in the comments below.

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