One of the most important things you’ll ever learn in business is that the money is in the list. Make no mistake, your list is quite likely the number one asset for your online business. So What is your strategy in making it work for you?  ~ 5 Fast Tips for a Making a Simple Newsletter


The problem is, a lot of people mistakenly put their newsletter or mailing list on the back burner because it seems like too much work and it is a shame because using the power of your list to reach out, doesn’t have to be much work at all…

Try These 5 fast tips to make things easier for you:

  1. Keep your emails simple. Forget about creating an “ezine” or magazine style publication because they are just too much work. Plus, test after test has proven that only a small portion of an ezine-type email is likely to be read.
  2. One topic at a time. Many people approach email by touching on multiple topics, so that there is a better chance of appealing to the reader. DON’t DO IT! It’s more work ~ and multi-topic emails can create information overload for your reader. You’re more likely to get better engagement when you keep your reader focused on a specific subject. And when your newsletters are relevant, clear and simple they will get opened more often.
  3. Better and higher priced advertising. If you’re selling advertising in your publication, it may create a need for extra content in your emails. If so, see Tip #4 and/or considering reducing the number of ads and charging more. Your advertisers may be willing to pay more for exclusive advertising space.
  4. Get help. Hire a virtual assistant to help. There is no reason you have to do all the writing for your company.
  5. Make a schedule. Just like with your blogging and other content publishing, make sure your email marketing is scheduled too. Plan topics and product promotions ahead of time for more synergy and great results.How often do you send emails to your list? Tell us in the comments below!


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