I don’t watch scary movies.

What Do You see-I even close my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears when the commercials for them come on. I pretty much watch NO television the month of October because there is such a focus on horror movies.


I have a vivid imagination. The last horror movie I saw was Nightmare on Elm Street with Freddie. I allowed myself to be talked into going to the movie with a group of friends after work. Towards the end of the movie it became apparent that there was an amazing thunderstorm going on outside. The movie ended and my friends were parked in one area and I was parked on the other side of the mall and the mall had closed while we were in the movie.

I had to walk in the storm around the exterior of the building to get to my car. Then I arrived home to there being no power and everyone was out of town but me.

And Yes, I sat up all night listening for Freddy.

We both know he never showed up. But the power that my imagination had over every area of my life and body that night has remained in my mind forever.

How imaginative are you and how do you use that to your benefit.

For some of us, we are able to leave very little to the imagination. For others, our imagination seems to be missing in action from our minds. Imagination, however, can be a very powerful tool in our lives both professionally and personally.

Albert Einstein was once thought to have said, “Imagination will take you everywhere… It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” While logic will keep you in the here and now or guide you based on your past experiences, imagination will take you to new heights.

Creative Visualization

Some individuals believe in the power of creative visualization. Creative visualization uses imagery in the mind in order to deliver results in your present and in your future. There are a few pointers you need to know about creative visualization before you try it out first.
1. You need to be in a comfortable position. When you are preparing to take on creative visualization, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed.

2. Tap into your senses. Feel free to imagine hearing the sounds of the waves in the background. Listen for the swish of air as you ride the hot air balloon for the first time. Feel the feeling in your stomach as you take your first flying lesson. Taste the way that your congratulations cake tastes at the opening of your new restaurant. Smell the scent of the ocean as it drifts by you. Use all of your senses to tap into your imagination. Before you know it, you will be in Italy tasting that wine or smiling away as you sign your new bestselling book.

3. Chill out. You need to be in a relaxed state both in body and mind. You need to start out with your body before you can attempt to relax your mind.

Creative visualization has been known to manifest quite lovely things for some individuals. You never know, your imagination could be your best friend too.

The Power to Choose

When you come to realize that you have the power to choose what thoughts you wish to think and what thoughts you wish to focus on, that is really something powerful. When you use your imagination to your benefit or the benefit of others, your life becomes vibrant and alive.

You can choose negative imaginary images or you can choose positive imaginary images. The choice is really yours. Whatever you focus on will come to life.

How to Kickstart Your Imagination

If you need a little help to kickstart your imagination there are a few tips:
* Get your priorities in order and put aside your to-do list for a while

* Take a few minutes per day for yourself

* Take some deep cleansing breaths

* Start to visualize what you want

* Use images to boost your imagination

* Read books and watch movies that take you to far away places

* Tell or write stories

* Journal
So, as you can see your imagination is your best friend or your worst enemy. The beautiful part is it reacts to what you tell it. Use it for good let it take you on a journey to wherever you want to go.

So How many Hands do you see? I will tell you on Friday, Until then Comment below!


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