Connecting with Customers through Local Methods

Using the internet to connect locally with your customers is an excellent way to get to know your customers. However, there is more to it than just being involved with online communities like:

* Google Plus communities
* And others…

communityGet involved with your community on a personal level. Show up at offline meetings, volunteer locally, and make yourself known to your local community in person. The days of being invisible and anonymous online are over. Getting involved in schools, places of worship, local businesses, community events and more is an essential component in any marketing effort.

It doesn’t matter if you have a retail business, a service business, or a completely online information marketing business. Establishing your expertise with locals should be an essential component in your marketing plan.

Use the online communities as an avenue to collaborate on local face-to-face meetings and events, rather than be “the event” itself.

To connect with customers locally:

* Join the Chamber of Commerce – Don’t just join; get involved. Go to business after hours events and other events. People love doing business with others that they know, and if they see you often enough at events they’ll be more likely to not only use your products and services but also to recommend them to others.

* Become a local news resource – Reporters have to work very hard finding sources for stories. Whenever you see a story where you can offer a new angle or more information, contact the reporters involved. Give them your number and email address and offer to be an open source of information to them regarding your expertise and they will call you often.

There are so many ways to connect locally, be sure and tell us your favorite ways to connect in the comments below!

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