Growing Your Direct Sales Business by Growing Your Team
Many direct sales companies offer a tiered system. A tiered system means you can recruit other consultants. Each new consultant you recruit then becomes part of your team. They work independently. However, you can mentor them and help them succeed. You’re invested in their success. Each sale they make gives you a commission, But even more exciting than that, each person you help is empowered to change their future with your help.

First let’s talk about money,  you have five consultants you recruited and you earn a 5% commission on their sales. If they each sell $1000 in products next month, you earn an extra $250. Twelve months of this means you earn an extra $3000. And if each of your recruits then recruits five more people your income will continue to grow. It’s an amazing opportunity to profit exponentially.

While each company offers their own commission scale and incentives, this example demonstrates the potential a tier-based system offers. It also demonstrates the importance of helping your team prosper and sell. Here are just some of the ways you can help them sell more products.

* Mentor them by creating a website and marketing that site. Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of internet marketing. Yet the internet may account for half of your sales. It can be a huge profit maker.

* Assist them with their first couple of parties. Party planning and hosting can be extremely nerve-racking the first time you do it. Having someone who knows what to expect can be invaluable.

coach* Be a motivational coach. Owning a business has its ups and downs. If you can be there to support and motivate your team members, they’ll be much more successful. You can actually get together to have brainstorming and support sessions as a group. Make it part social, part business and have fun.

* Share any time management tips and organization strategies you’ve learned. If your team members are able to optimize their business, they’ll have more energy and time to sell. They make more money. You make more money. It’s a win-win situation.

* Help them recruit new consultants too. Share with them the potential profit a tier-based system offers. You still earn a commission when your recruits find new consultants and they earn a commission too. Help them learn how to pinpoint people who have the skills and motivation to be good direct sales consultants. Help them learn how to sell the opportunity. Together you can really grow your business.

Direct selling offers a number of business-building opportunities, but none are more satisfying than knowing that you have helped change their lives for the better. Helping Parent’s earn enough money to take their children on a vacation to Disney World or start a fund for college means you have help to empower another human being to take charge of their future.

Direct Sales is the only business where your success is dependent on helping others to succeed and gives you the opportunity to reach out to others in a positive and uplifting way. We are looking for Team Players who want to grow with us. Message us to get details on how to grow at

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