Aromatherapy to Elevate Your Spirits

Do you find yourself feeling down or anxious? Tired of being tired? I personally use aromatherapy to elevate our mood at home and in the office.

So What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of scents to alter mood. You can use essential oils through a diffuser or even place them in diluted form directly on your skin. You can also use lotions or creams on your skin. Another option is to burn a candle with your favorite scent. Finally, some people like to steep the scent or brew a tea.

lysScents Commonly Used to Treat Depression

While there are a number of combinations and scents used to elevate mood, relax, diffuse anger or create calm, these scents are commonly used specifically for depression:

* Basil
* Bergamot
* Cedarwood
* Clary sage
* Frankincense
* Geranium
* Grapefruit
* Lavender
* Lemon
* Jasmine
* Myrrh
* Neroli
* Rose
* Sandalwood
* Spruce
* Orange
* Ylang ylang

The citrusy scents elevate mood and awaken the senses. I use these at home and the office, I love the freshness of lemon and orange. Scents like jasmine and lavender induce a state of calm and relaxation and are great additions to your bedroom. You may want to play with various scents to find which works best. Of course, you’ll also have personal preferences.

As mentioned you can use aromatherapy in a number of ways. You can combine essential oils into a bottle. With a dropper you can place the oils on the edge of your pillow or on clothing you’re wearing. Take care not to place the oils on your skin, as some oils can cause a reaction in certain individuals. You can also simply inhale the essential oil blend.

Alternatively, you can add the essential oils to a lotion or oil base. This will diffuse the strength of the oils so it’s safe for skin application. If you enjoy baths, you can add a drop or two of your choice essential oil to a bath and enjoy the calming effects. Or add them to unscented sea salts and add a cup of the salts to a hot bath.

There are a number of ways to enjoy aromatherapy and to reap the mood-enhancing benefits. You can also find blends or recipes on how to blend scents online. Or visit your local natural store and find recipes there.

Aromatherapy is a depression treatment that you can use each and every day. It’s safe and effective. Have a favorite recipe? Share it with us on our facebook page by clicking here.

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