10 Million Americans have their Identity Stolen every year, Don’t Be 1 of Them.

Just this week Jim and I received the dreaded letter from the bank. You may have gotten one too.

Your account has been compromised and your cards have been closed. Please contact the bank to make certain that you are issued new cards and check your accounts to make certain that the charges incurred are your purchases.

idboxDon’t you love those form letters?

Several years ago we had the same letter arrive in our mailbox and there were charges on our card from a Sunglass shop across the country as well as several meals purchased on the same day at a food court. After frustrating weeks and weeks of arguing the purchases were not ours finally the bank agreed to take them off but later it showed up on our credit report that we had purchased $400.00 sunglasses and had stopped payment on the transaction. What a nightmare. The Sunglass company gave our name to a collection agency and even though I proved to them it was not us 2 years later when we purchased a vehicle it was still on our credit report. Luckily I had kept all my documentation on the incident and we were allowed to buy the vehicle.

Click here to see the truth, It is not getting any better.

And have you heard about the Credit Security Freeze? Find out more here.

With all the cyber hacking and data stealing going on today, we made the decision to invest in identity theft protection and while we looked at LifeLock we found we were so much more impressed with IDShield especially for the price.

IdShield’s plan includes your whole family up to 10 people for $19.95 a month or $9.95 a month just for you. Here is a list of the services they provide.

Covers Spouse / Domestic Partner (FamilyPlan)
Covers up to 8 Minor Children (FamilyPlan)
Unlimited Counseling with Licensed Private investigator
SSN Fraud Detection
Monthly ID Theft Updates
Sex Offender Search
Emergency Assistance 24/7/365
Live Member Support
Data Breach Notifications
Identity Alert System
Lost & Stolen Wallet Assistance
Reduced Pre-Approved Card Offers
Licensed Private investigators
Medical Identity Theft Restoration
$5Million Service Guarantee
Complete Identity Restoration
Financial Identity Theft Restoration
File Sharing Network Searches
Name Monitoring
Passport Number Monitoring
Fictitious Identity Monitoring
Black Market Website Surveillance
DOB Monitoring
SSN Monitoring
Email Monitoring
Phone Number Monitoring
Drivers License Number Monitoring
Medical ID Number Monitoring
Address Change Verification
Quarterly Score Tracker
Credit Inquiry Alerts
Payday Loan Monitoring
Credit Card Number Monitoring
Bank Account Number Monitoring
Court Records Monitoring
Credit monitoring
Minor Identity Protection


Complete identity recovery services by Kroll licensed private investigators and our $5 million service guarantee ensure that if your identity is stolen, it will be restored to its pre-theft status.
Identity monitoring, address monitoring, email monitoring and more provide you with a comprehensive identity protection service that leaves nothing to chance.
Credit monitoring, credit card number monitoring, bank account number monitoring, sex offender search, financial monitoring alerts and assistance with obtaining annual credit reports.
Your identity protection plan includes 24/7/365 live support for covered emergencies, unlimited private investigator counseling, identity alerts, data breach notifications and lost wallet protection.
Just Click on the circled IDShield Plans Button below to go directly to their website and start protecting your family today!
id 1

There are other perks as well ~ Your IDShield membership also provides you with discounts from Dell, Office Depot, Enterprise, National Rent A Car, Men’s Wearhouse, K&G Fashion Superstore and other great partners.

Also, it is an affiliate link, if you use this link to purchase your ID Theft Protection I will receive a commission from the sale. If you would like more info on becoming an affiliate yourself, Please Click on the Contact me button at the top of the IDShield Plan page and I will happily walk you through the process.

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