5 Devastating Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Building A Business Online!

As we turn to social media to post updates, share photos and connect with friends, many of us are overlooking a growing threat: with every post, we are becoming increasingly vulnerable to identity theft.


Our Little Bread Crumbs online can quickly turn into pretty serious and devastating identity theft cases. Before we display a thorough profile on social media or divulge all of the details about your children’s full names and dates of birth, know that not every person we encounter on social media platforms does not have good intentions. In fact, think about how many people you are currently “Friends” with that you do not know.  Here are 5 reasons You should rethink your Social Media Habits!

1. Over Sharing

The more you share about you, the easier it is for a criminal to obtain all  the necessary data needed to assume your identity. It’s wise to omit your hometown, date of birth and full name, because those are facts that can easily give others access to more information about you.

2. Let Me Tell You About My Kids

It is even more imperative that you don’t share personal details about your children. I know it is hard to avoid in a day and age when birth announcements are posted online and each birthday celebration is documented. Identity thieves have been known to target children, think about it how often is their credit history checked? ID Thieves can go years before getting caught, and this can have a detrimental effect on your child’s future.

3. Posting Life Changing Events Could Change Your Life.

If you tell everyone about major life changes — like just losing your job — it’s a major tip off to ID thieves to target your unemployment benefits, for example. Big Mistake, Admitting that you haven’t filed your taxes yet. A thief equipped with the right information could beat you to it, claiming and receiving your refund before you’ve even organized your tax documents into one folder. If you’ve just had a relative pass away and turn to social media to share the loss, it’s sad to say, but ID Thieves will use it as an opportunity to steal everything from death benefits, insurance, the deceased credit cards, there is no shame among them.

4. “Checking in”

Posting where you are is dangerous, especially with today’s updates that include the date, time, and your location, it’s easy for a thief to know you’re 45 minutes away at the mall, at a concert or on vacation where you’ll likely stay for the next few hours, days or weeks. This can lead to home break-ins, “vacation squatters”, car break-ins and the theft of credit cards and documents that include your personal information.

5. Not Being Diligent With Privacy Settings

Most social media sites offer privacy settings but they can change from time to time. It’s important that you evaluate your settings often and make sure that the things being shared are doing so the way you wanted them to be shared. Being vigilant can mean the difference in staying safe and becoming the thief’s next target.

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