Who Do You think you are?

Whether you have studied the DISC personality profile system or not, we promise you have never heard it quite like this!


Now Speaking ~ “We Laughed So Hard But We Learned So Much! “

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Who Do You Think You Are Talking To?

Learning to speak to people is imperative for today’s Entrepreneurs. With the death or steady decline of interruption marketing and the introduction of Social Media and Permission Marketing the successful Entrepreneur has to learn to speak to their potential clients on a whole new level or risk becoming another failed statistic.

Frankly, you would think it would be a simple enough concept to understand… Open your mouth and speak, Right? But then something starts to happen the minute you start thinking about the conversation whether online or offline. Your brain freezes, your palms sweat, you babble or ramble on and on and on, or worse you seem to say all the wrong things. So what is the solution?  Never speak again, give up?  Or Have a “talk to plan” before you ever meet your ideal friend, client or partner.
This Class Can be Completed in 2 Ways:
This class can be condensed to a 90 Minute Class for Quick & Simple Learning and Entertainment with a Slide Show Presentation
or Complete 4 hour training and workshop with workbook and a Postitve Influencer Certification.
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Witty? Funny? NO! She is downright hilarious. She creates an atmosphere where everyone is included, having fun and marries entertainment to education to teach people about entrepreneurship.  She has a passion for what she is doing and it shows. Teaching is her forte’. We laughed so hard, but we learned so much!

Ronald Daniel

CEO of A Stronger Family

build a brand

Branding U, How to Create a Remarkable Brand Identity.

Are You Remarkable?

If you are searching for a Beginners guide on becoming a  Remarkable Brand, this is a great place to start.

With so much information coming at you all the time it is hard to hear above the noise and understand what it takes to build a brand online or offline. This Guide takes you through 10 Steps in defining and achieving your brand identity.

You will learn: Why you need to brand for success. Blog Creation, How to develop a branded Bio, How to Create a branded Image, The Power and Purpose of Consistency, About QR Codes, Business Card development for your Niche, How to Write Your Brand in 1 Sentence. How to Create your own Personal Billboards, The Power of Location on the Internet.

This class can be taught 3 ways:

Condensed to a 90 Minute Class for Quick & Simple learning and Entertainment

Complete 4 hour training and workshop with workbook and an Officially Branded Certificate.

12 Hour Comprehensive 2 Day Program Where we walk you through each step.  (this program limited to groups of 10)


Shonta comes with our highest recommendation, she is confident, engaging and entertaining all while educating her audience. While working with us we heard nothing but positive feedback from all the students, Educators and business owners who attended one of her programs.

H. Hunter Hughes

Franchisee, Great Clips

off the chain

Off the Chain & On The Loose!

The Limitless possibilities of you.

Is there lack in your life? If you could do anything, what would you do?

What’s stopping you?

Breaking Every Chain that limits you will free you up to be who you were born to be. But, Where do you start?

This Course is 7 Modules that can be taught three ways

Each Module Independent of the other (about 45 minutes for each)

As a 4 Hour Workshop complete with Books

12 Hour Comprehensive Study over 2 days

Shonta is Amazing! Her tips and tricks for marketing have changed the way that I conduct my corporate business as well as my personal business. She understands my need for quick, easy ways to make positive statements. She is Funny, Smart, Uplifting, Inspiring, and Encouraging!”

Samantha Warren Crisp

Director at Rhea County Council for Domestic Violence , Independent Owner of Origami Owl

Shonta knows how to turn a frown upside down! She always makes me laugh and as they say – laughter is the best medicine! Her inspirational words changed my life. She has motivated me to look at life situations/obstacles in a totally different way. Wear “Depends”- if you are going to one of her classes you are in for a treat.

Teresa Gibson

Business Owner, Sweet T's Catering and Events

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