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Using Twitter To Build Lists

Using Twitter to build lists for important sales, or email list that you have heard so much about. If you are on a tight budget and you really do not have two pennies to rub together Twitter is for you!  What I mean is, in order to capture a large targeted list to sell products to over and over you will need a landing, or squeeze page to do that. You could hire a web designer and or programmer to create the site for you, And you will also need to do keyword research to find the perfect domain name, and then purchase that, as well as hosting if you do not have an account yet. If your new to Internet marketing, it can get more and more confusing and expensive, I promise I know!

DSCF7973Fortunately, if your strapped for cash there is another way. I bet you did not realize this but your Twitter account does all of this for you automatically. That is right, it takes only five minutes to start a new account, you can name it whatever you like. These days they can be completely customized for free, using whatever colors and backdrop you want. Then simply start sending out friend requests to like minded people. On your account you will have a link back to your product as well. So not only will you be building up a targeted sales list but through your tweets you will be sending out messages to other people in the same niche making money from their sales. No need to create a squeeze page, buy a domain name, do keyword research, or start a hosting account.

This is the single best way to get started building up a good sales list and it is completely free! Believe me free is good when your just starting out. Some key things to remember are to balance your tweets. Make about 80% relevant content in the area or niche that your account was designed for and about 20% of the time shoot them tweets about the products you have available in that niche. Also remember to get personal on a few tweets. This way your followers will see you are a real person and not an automated bot. Hopefully this will help you out and get started building that list.

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Follow Me On Twitter

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