Who is Shonta Rogers :

My Friends and Family call me Shonta  (ta rhymes with hay),  You can too!
I am a Speaker, Author and Blogger, I help motivated but overwhelmed business owners learn how to Lead, Love and Prosper in their businesses so that they can experience success from the inside out fulfilling their Entrepreneurial Dreams based on 4 Principles; Posture, Perception, Purpose and Personality.  I am also the founder of  Younique University.

I would describe myself as slightly quirky, but aggressively optimistic I began my speaking and writing career in 1996 in the Salon and Spa Industry. From that I leaped into Marketing.  Mastering Personal Branding through Social Media and taking my skills from My background in “Hairdresser Psychology”, Student Counseling, Career Coaching, Communication, Image Consulting, Educating, Speaking, Writing, Marketing, Recruiting And Personality Profiling. I have developed a passion and desire to purposefully grow, lead and love  entrepreneurs.
This is my Personal Blog. It is Focused on “Younique Leadership” my mission is to help business leaders discover their unique qualities and match their strengths, gifts, personality, mission, vision, values and goals with doing something they love. As a result I write on Self Growth and Personality, Success Principles & Perceptions, Marketing & Posture, Purpose & Spiritual Growth. Occasionally I write about other things but they normally lead back to the 4 principles.
My Goal is to create positive, useful and relevant content to motivate you, the business owner both personally and professionally and that you can utilize on a dally basis to change your world. If you are a business owner or want to be a business owner this is the blog for you.
Tell me your story, what  about your work inspires you?

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