Do you know the 7 secrets of  a confident woman? Are you already a confident woman?  Embracing who you are and who God called you to be brings forth so many blessings in your life. Live in and embrace a full time relationship with Christ and know the secrets to living a confident life!

1. A Confident Woman Knows that she is loved Ephesians 3:17

No matter what happens in your life be rooted in God, never let anyone or anything take that away, he has not forgotten you anymore than a nursing Mother can forget the child of her womb? You whimper and he has your provision. If he had a refrigerator you would be on it, your life, your face, who you are is Imprinted on his hand ~ A Snapshot of you forever in his wallet. Through your faith in Christ be rooted in the Love of God. Stop looking at your circumstances and saying God must not love me. Tell your circumstances how much your GOD LOVES YOU!
confident woman

2. A confident Woman refuses to live in Fear.

She moves against the fear and Goes with God, the timid be still and wait for the fear to leave.  When your time for promotion from God Comes no devil can stop you and no man can put you down. Hebrews 10 38
To live in abundance don’t shrink back from what God has for you, When you shrink back it truly saddens him. Everything from God is good. All he has for you is good. If he sends you to it or through it it will be good. That doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter negative or evil on your journey it means that whatever your story is he can turn it around, he can make it into something good and he can bring you to a place of such peace, joy and prosperity that all who witness it will know you are a child of God. And if God is for you what good does it do those who want to come against you?
No Fear.

3. A confident woman is positive.

Being Positive is a choice not a feeling. To often we get caught up in our feelings which are often effected by everything from our hormones to our last meal. If we choose to live in this circle of sad or negative emotions we suck the very life out of ourselves and our dreams. Self sabotage and fear steal more from us than our worst enemy ever could. You cannot get into agreement with God if you are negative because there is nothing about him that is negative. You have the power to be happy, Listen to things that bring you joy, watch things that make you happy, don’t live in the negative environment perpetuated even celebrated by society,  A negative attitude makes you sad, angry, irritable not confident. Draw a line in the sand and tell the world you are going to be positive.

4. A Confident Woman recovers from setbacks,

Setbacks are not failures they are educators for our future. Everyday I can simply decide Today, I began again. If you have a vision in your heart, you may have to climb a few mountains but never give up, His Word says you can have what he says you can have.  Stop looking at every body else and doing what they do. God is looking to do a new thing.
Let go of the past it is under the blood of Jesus. Dare to live with purpose and passion.  Be so positive that you drive the negative people around you crazy. That you make the unbeliever question his own unbelief.  Did you know that according to  There is not a moment in the day that I love Lucy is not playing somewhere in the world. But Lucy was so shy starting out that she was kicked out of Drama school and told she really didn’t have what it took.
Henry Ford went broke 5 times before he was successful.  Life is full of stories of people who are famous for great feats and got there only because they refused to give up. It is amazing what God can do with someone who won’t quit or give up.  When everyone and everything in the world is pressing you so hard to give up, tell God I don’t know what I got left but whatever it is it is yours. He is on your side.  You will be astounded with what he can do with what is left. He still does miracles and he is waiting to do one with you.

5. A Confident Woman avoids comparison.

You don’t want to look like, be like or covet the gifts of anyone else.  You get so much freedom when you decide to just be happy. People are unhappy because they are to busy wanting what someone else has and not celebrating their own uniqueness, but know as soon as you start being the person God wants you to be you are going to make people mad. That will be a true indicator of who you need to not hang out with. Don’t allow people who have quit or given up on their dreams steal yours.  There is a saying, “Misery loves company,” mediocrity does to, you have to decide that average is not going to be your address and move on.

6. A confident woman takes action, she is aggressive not passive, she is not a problem she fixes problems.

You can look at what is lacking or decide to do with what you have. My Grandmother had the uncanny knack of being able to always find just enough. If we decided to make Peanut Butter cookies she had enough of the ingredients for us to do that. I remember that her recipe was forever changing and I remember that there were a couple of times we just had butter and not peanut butter, But she said they were peanut butter cookies so we ate peanut butter cookies. Recipes were never a problem because no matter what she had on hand she always had the solution not the lack of ingredients.

When she decided we were going to do something we did. Looking back on what she had and what she lived off of income wise I will never understand how but she always made a way AND ALWAYS gave the glory to God.

We as women know that there are trials and problems but also KNOW that he has never and will never bring us to something that he has not already equipped us to overcome.

7. A confident woman does not live in if only or what if’s?

If only I felt better, If I only I looked like…. or walked like… or talked like… or had as much as….. If only i had someone to help me……
You already have in you the ability to be everything he has called you to be, God will never leave you or forsake you. So Rise Up and be confident, walk in the faith that you can become and have all that he has envisioned for you. Surrender your life to Live out the plans he has for you.  Approach God Confidently and boldly and go on the journey of your dreams.
Stop waiting for something else, it is time, NOW.
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