Growth can be Painful.

Growth can also seem excruciatingly slow. While growing social media can be tough it can also be rewarding.small world So How do you do it without dying of old age first? Today lets go over The 3 basic elements for Exponential Growth in Social Media

There seems to be an endless supply of opinions on what social media growth does and should look like. So let me state from the beginning this is what is working for me.


Randomness and Chaos may look fun but leave you overwhelmed and often looking unprofessional. When you sit down and write out an extensive plan with Social Media and How you are going to use it, you will find yourself feeling less anxiety and more motivated to follow thru on all the details. Social Media gives you instant gratification in that it allows you to get the message out about what is going on or needed. You can send a tweet and get an almost instantaneous reply. You can do a post on your site or blog and get feedback, it’s Instant and global. You are developing a culture or tribe and when the tribe needs  to be informed of the mission or progress regardless of the needed task, Social media spreads the word fast. It lets you share the wins and be consoled for the defeats or setbacks. It allows you to keep everyone in the “know”  just by sharing  the message of the tribe and it delivers you constant feedback for improvements or altering your strategy.


People connect in different ways, so connecting was analog and face to face but now it is digital with Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn providing forums and platforms for all types of tribes. People Communicate, Connect, Learn and Grow in one of 3 basic ways watching, doing or listening. The internet and Social Media provide the tools for this to happen easily so the tribe can receive and spread the message in the style that works best for their needs..


 Movements have been started on Facebook that have changed nations ( )  Challenges have been made and raised millions of dollars for Charity (  The Silliest moments in History forever emblazoned on our brains. ( Who would have thought cat pictures could be that amazing???) Multi Billion Dollar Careers launched ( ) A YouTube video can go viral and be seen by billions. You can post your video to dozens of video sites where the Visual Tribe Members gather and change the world as we knew it. The leverage of Twitter can spread a global message instantly and start a movement.

So if you want exponential growth or to start a tribe, a movement or a revolution, you  have  F-R-E-E tools and technology at your fingertips,  Get Going!

Now Let’s all sing it together! Be sure to #getgoing Social Media Waits for #NoOne .

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