3 Secrets About Hashtags, Harness Their Magic Power Now!

You Know they are out there, But what are they?

Hashtags are user controlled markings for posts on most Social Media Platforms.(on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.  In reality it  is a word or phrase, preceded by the hash sign (# ~ Formerly the pound sign) used in the text area of your Social Media Posts. It then becomes clickable, when a user clicks on it, he  is then redirected to a page that displays all relevant content using that hashtag.

hashtag power

What Mystical Purpose Do They Serve?

Hashtags are basically designed to move traffic in a specific direction. When used consistently and strategically a  hashtag is a simple way to create buzz, excitement or awareness of your cause, event, brand, business, you or whatever it is you want to bring added attention to.Using them will increase your odds of getting more relevant information or traffic to you, your site or cause and Social media posts where you utilize hashtags are twice as likely to get engagement with followers than posts without hashtags because a hashtag allows the site to categorize your post to relevant searches.

There 3 Secret, But Magic Benefits

Gain Followers or Fans ~

When looking for Highly targeted or specific followers or fans on line the hashtag allows you to narrow down the search by looking at followers and fans who have shared interests. Great hashtags have gotten online users thousands of followers in record time on Social Media Platforms by properly managing the conversation, keeping followers on track in the discussion and providing relevant content.

Grow Influence ~

Influence is created by knowing a topic inside and out and sharing relevant content on that topic. By managing trending topics in your niche it encourages others to follow your conversations and builds your reputation as a person of good will and influence even adding expert status to your brand identity.

Get information ~

Hashtags are the new google. When on social media platforms beginning a phrase with a hashtag will allow you to be directed to a page where all relevant content on that site is populated under that specific hashtag. Allowing you to gain insight into potential followers ideas, find trending conversations, specific subject and followers interested in a certain thought process.
You can also monitor the impact of hashtags by tracking them. SEO or search engine optimization or a site specific general search engines and some social sites will allow you to search by hashtag to see the relevance of a topic or idea and to note how positive or present they are on that platform.
There you have it 3 Secrets About Hashtags, Harness Their Magic Power Now!
Let us know how hashtags have helped you in your social media efforts and be sure and share, we need more relevant hashtag users out there!

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