9 Facts on Why You Should Blog and The Magic It Will Produce.
Entrepreneurs should blog. Service providers should blog, Business Owners should blog, You should Blog to attract like minded individuals that you desire to work with, in your niche. Here are 9 Facts on Why You Should Blog and The Magic It Will Produce. 

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Blogging is your new resume. 

I have people contact me through my blog and my linkedin page all the time. Usually to tell me after reading my blog posts that I am a perfect fit for a partnership,  job or position they are trying to fill and want to see if I would be interested. This is an opportunity for me to talk to them about my niche, what the benefit of working with me would be, (they already like me and have a positive opinion about who I am) without me ever picking up the phone and making a cold call. Make your blog “resume” dynamic. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. What a great way to build those kinds of relationships.

It’s your new partner research tool. 

As an entrepreneur or hiring manager, think about #1 in reverse. If you are trying to hire for certain positions, people will want to know who you are and what you are about. Show people why they should be a part of your endeavor. Why they should be on your team. Blogging is a great way to do this.

Network with new people. 

When I tried to write a marketing ebook. I didn’t know what I was doing so I googled, “how to make an ebook” I was curious. I stumbled upon a few blogs, left a few comments and questions and before I knew it I had a new friend. This was a person I had never met before, but it was a person that took special interest in my questions and helped me understand what I was trying to learn. After some back and forth, I was able to create a great marketing tool for my team. Now I read every book my new friend releases. New friend in the Literary world.

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Clarify Unique Ideas and document for sharing.

 Ideas are floating around in our heads constantly.  When you talk about those ideas they begin to make more sense. When you write about those ideas, they take on even more clarity and turn into a plan. This is often the reason why people write business plans. Having a blog is a great outlet to force your brain into an extremely focused state of mind. You could just journal in a notebook, but blogging allows you to get feedback and other people can help you expand on your idea. Furthermore, It might even help you find business partners.

Document your journey for others to follow or not follow.

 When you blog, your thoughts and ideas are documented over time. Some times you may detour down paths that have proven themselves to be fruitful or a big waste of your time. By documenting your journey you can look back and reflect on what worked best and repeat it for continued success or see what was a train wreck and know that your never gonna do that again.

Your readers can look at you and say “oh, This worked for him, but this didn’t” giving them insight into understanding what path to take and which ones to avoid.  Building a relationship that benefits you and your reader. Looking at the past is critically important in understanding how to improve the future. This is why students in Business School review hundreds of business case studies. Learn from the mistakes, clarify the successes.

Clearly express your unique ideas on a topic or niche.

It allows you to define what you are doing, why you are doing it and why what you are doing is unique. If I google weight loss I could spend the rest of my life reading all the material on that subject. But, If I am a weight loss expert and I want to get you to my site I can target a specific area of weight loss and increase my chances of meeting you, a new friend to join me on my journey.

Create your own Marketing machine. 

Working on my own project or business my blog would be the first place I’d talk about it. It’s your own Public Relations Stage. It also offers your unique view on a niche topic or industry. Views that might help you win new business. In the past, we needed radio and TV to get our messages across or interruption marketing. Today we need permission, and if they are coming to your blog and reading your content they are giving you permission to market to them.

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Maximize your copy writing skills. 

Not only will it increase your skills, but using social media with it will allow you to survey your readers thoughts and needs. Even though I’ve taken lots of copy writing classes in my life,  practice makes perfect and the more I write on my blog the more I find my skills improving. Most work and sales today is done over email, social media and through blogs or websites you quickly realize that it’s much more important to have good writing skills than ever before.

Create more, consume less. We can be creators, leaders and enjoy greater success when we are helping others, paving the way for them to follow and showing them that they can do it too. Zig Ziglar said “If you help enough people reach their goal, you will reach yours.”

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