5 Clear Steps in Growing Your Self Esteem Now


The first step in improving your self-esteem is to pay attention to how you treat yourself.

Use these tips to get to grips with your self-image:

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Become aware of assigning yourself a negative or damning label

How many times have you heard someone referring to themselves in a negative or derogatory manner? Or how many times have you done it yourself? Seperate yourself from the action. Instead of saying “Wow I’m so stupid” or “Man, I’m an idot!” Instead remind yourself aloud ~ Wow, I might not try that again” or “Man, I might need to do a little more research….”

Your reality is not based on anyone else’s opinion…. Even your own. Feelings can be a lie. Your Reality needs to be based on who you have defined yourself to be. Not sure? Sit down and make a mission statement about who you want to become and then work towards that goal.

  • Pinpoint exactly what you’re displeased about.

Identify which precise focus of yourself, your behaviour or experience is the target of your dissatisfaction. Make notes on habits you have accumulated that you want to rid yourself of, then work at doing it. Mark each day off on the calender that you succeed and then when you reach a clear 30 day pattern of giving up a habit reward yourself.

  • Fairly and accurately assess that particular behaviour, thought or other aspect of your being. Try to be objective.

Look at the area of displeasure as just one of the many parts of your whole self.  Accept yourself as a complex individual who on this occasion and in this specific respect has fallen short of your ideals. And then start over. Simple as that decide that this person or behavior is something that you want to let go of and then let it go.

And then act on creating a clear plan of action to change. You may fall down, you may have to start over many times the key is regardless of how long it takes to never give up.

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