You, Successful In Business Now

From the day that I opened my very first business until this very day, I have always been successful in business. I know, a very BOLD claim. It is, however, amazingly true.  Every business I have ever been involved in has taught me so many things about myself, my fellow human beings, my personal and business relationships and success itself.  Each of these learning experiences has brought me to a new level of understanding on how to be even more successful with the next “Great Idea”.
We cannot let our success depend on or rely on anyone else but us. It is nobodies responsibility to make you successful. Success “jumps” on those who are diligently seeking it and acting on achieving it, EVERYDAY.

     What I have learned more often than not is exactly what NOT to do. 

The point being I learned from every experience. And I boldly claim to you that no business I was ever involved in was anything but a success. If I lost money it was a success, I learned where not to spend. If I was told NO, I often did it anyway just to know that I could regardless of the naysayer’s. It was never about them it was always about learning how far I could go, how much I could do, What I could learn and if I made money at it, wonderful, if not I got the education.

Success for the Gazelle is to outrun the Lion

You see every time we start a new or relaunch an old business idea we do so with the expectations that it is going to be successful but we rarely ever take the time to define success. We have to understand that success does not have the same definition to each individual creation taking up space on the planet.  Every being on this planet has a definition of success in them and specific to them. To the Gazelle it is out running the Lion.
success jumps 1-002
I know your not a Gazelle and there are probably not any gazelles reading this today but there are people reading this who are struggling to understand why everyone around them seems to be enjoying success while they struggle.


I’ve been there. I get it.   
The first thing you have to do is define success for you. Specifically for you. You can’t grab a one size fits all success idea and run with it. It has to be a clear, specific plan that you have designed just for you and that you, beginning with the end in mind, create an action plan designed to take you to that destination.
Start with the Dream.

Start with the dream, what will it feel like in my heart and soul  to achieve my goal, to arrive at my destination? What will I wear, how will I walk, talk? What will I see, hear and do? What will be the last step I take before arriving at my goal, what will be the step to get me to that step? What will be the step to get me to that step? and the step before that?

Learn to Reverse Engineer
Reverse engineer your way to the goal until you arrive at where you are standing right now. Then take the first step. You see we all know that we can be successful. We have to believe it or we would never begin. Often what we fail to do is launch. We forget that no matter how much faith we have in ourselves and our abilities that faith without work is dead.


We’ve all heard if your going to talk the talk you better walk the walk, even Clichés understand the power of action. Regardless of what people are telling you ~ You can’t, It doesn’t work, It’s a scam, Your going to lose money, Your going to lose friends ~ DON”T LISTEN, Their definition of success does not apply to you. Their opinion of the situation is not based on what you know. Walk your walk, learn from people who have gone before you and achieved “their impossible”. Speak your goals everyday and then do it.
I believe you can. Will you? 

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