3 Easy Ways to Grow Traffic on Twitter

1. Staying Educated ~ If you can think of it trust me its on Twitter.  People are tweeting 140 characters in a flash about news, culture, ideas and opinions in their niche.   Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a professional, Twitter has got every field covered.

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2. Being Accessible ~ It is extremely important for you to be in touch and reachable to your potential clients and existing customers.   You’ll quickly learn what they think about your business and your competition.  This way you will be able to do market research that will allow you to address issues or  improve your existing products, and create new ones. 

Don’t just listen to the tweets in your niche participate.    Ask questions, re-tweet good content and thank people for tweeting you. Because Twitter is so easy to use, you can stay in touch with people minute by minute if needed.

3. A little time goes a long way ~  Want instant credibility? If you engage on Twitter, on a daily basis, you will always know what is going on in your niche. When you know the latest and share it with your followers  people will look to you as the expert in your niche. Giving you a credibility that your money can’t  buy! People will begin connecting with you to share in and learn from you, increasing your visibility.   Build relationships with these connections, their trust in you will grow. When People Trust You, They will buy from you, your business will go to another level and you will become a person of even greater influence.  As influence and credibility grow so will your brand and business!

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