20 Ideas to Defeat Failure

Do you see yourself as a failure? STOP! So you have discovered some ways not to do things, Grow and Go!  Dwell on these 20 Ideas to Defeat Failure instead.

1. You choose your emotions. You choose your thoughts – Choose the best ones.  No matter what is going on in the world, YOU control what it means for you.

2. Fear nothing but regret. When you are done for the day be weary from trying not from wondering what if.

ssr never give up   3. Successful people do not see failure they only see a way not to do it again. When you see the “Win” don’t mistake it for luck it got knocked down many times too. It just refused to stay down.

4. It’s about learning to do what you love. Why are you here? What will you leave for those coming behind you? What do you want to be known for? At the end of your life when your tombstone is erected what was in the Dash?

5. Resolve to only compete with yourself. Be better, stronger and more than you were yesterday no one else can do what you do or be who you are .

6. Being a Leader is just about what you say but what you do.  Don’t worry about what everyone thinks just do what needs to be done..

7. Life is the lesson and you get to repeat the mistakes until you learn from them. 

8. Until you tear down your own walls, they will keep you imprisoned and steal your success. Get rid of your excuses, Do the things you don’t want to do now to have the things you never though possible later.

9. Always be working on you.  You are the only one you can ever change.

10. Be inspired by others uniqueness refuse to  judge. If you can only find fault in everyone and everything, you are blind to the possibility of seeing inspiration in everyone and everything. God created it all.

11. If You are not willing to do something about a problem then don’t complain about it. Become solution minded not whiny.

 12. Surround yourself with people you want to be like.   You adopt traits of people you hang out with be cautious around negative thinkers.

13. Learn to become comfortable in all situations. Tell yourself “I am calm, cool, collected and Ready for any challenge. The things you fear control you, break the chains.

14. Get rid of stop words like if and try –Instead of thinking, “What if ?” ask, “Why not?” Stop saying I’ll try, you will or you won’t be honest with yourself.

15. Creativity is Genius – Being creative unleashes in you the power to achieve anything you believe you can.

16. “Every Day I wake Up is an Awesome Day.” – challenges will emerge, choose your positive mindset over any negative idea and the challenges will feel smaller and smaller.

17. Go Ahead and March to the beat of your own drummer. You do not need to do what others have done before you.

18. Choose your Thoughts. When negative thoughts pop into your head, change what you are doing and remind yourself however the story started you can create a new ending.

19. There is Always Plenty. The supply of goodness in the world is endless stop looking for the negative.

20. Always be thankful for the lesson– the only failure or defeat is to stop or never try.  Begin everything with gratitude and everything else will fall into place.

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