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5 Ways To Positively Influence People.

When speaking to people whether it is about business or in general conversation we desire to influence others thoughts and actions by our speech. To do so is really easy when you know how to talk to people. Use these 5 tips to Positively influence people and have winning conversations.


1. Speak with Confidence.

The more knowledge you have about your subject the easier it is for you to  speak with confidence. Practice talking in front of your mirror, the more your subconscious listens, and when it’s time to talk with someone, your words flow naturally. When in front of a mirror practicing,  watch your facial expressions. Note that your facial expressions, tone and body language are all sending the same message.

 2. Know who you are talking too

Before  you talk about a particular subject or bring up your business, Know who you are talking to. Ask your self if the conversation you are about to start is appropriate for the time and place you are currently. Knowing a little about the person who is listening to you helps you to connect with them, making you more comfortable and confident.

3. Speak on the logic of your subject but lead with your heart.

Give your listeners reasons why they should follow your approach. Giving people logical reasons to follow your lead by offering them choices and use examples to illustrate your point, then ask your audience to give serious thought to what you’re discussing from your point of view.

4. Speak to People as if they are already your friend.

Before you can influence people, you have to make them trust you. People want to spend time with people they know like and trust.  If they view you as a friend rather than a remote individual, their concerns and doubts will ease.

5. Speak with Strong Belief.

While charm and friendliness are important, you can’t speak with influence without strong belief in your self and what you are discussing. Know what you’re advocating, and believe in it.

Speaking with people is the most natural thing in the world but understanding there point of view, speaking with influence and creating situations where you can make them feel like a winner is key to positively influencing people. Be sure to Share us on your favorite social site!

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