How To Define Success

How do you define success? I have often heard success as achieving a goal or winning at an event. When we look up success in the dictionary it simply states that it is the favorable outcome of a goal or achievement.

But what exactly does success mean to you? How to define success for you, Is it simply at the end of a work day a sigh of contentment that you completed a job well. Is it arriving home to the people you love emotionally free to not worry about the days events? Is it the financial security of the dollars in your bank account? Living your life without the added drama of dragging around emotional baggage?




Can you define success in your life? To me it is knowing that I have someone to turn to even when it seems there is no one to turn too. It is a spiritual connection to my maker that transcends everything.

Success is having Joy and Peace, Waking up in the morning feeling good and knowing that as I embrace the day eat right exercise and enjoy optimal health, I can perform that day rested and at my peak. It is achieving small goals I set for myself each day and moving forward towards the positive result, and at the end of the day it is slipping into bed knowing whatever happened I gave it my best, Closing my eyes on a prayer of Thankfulness and slipping off into a sweet peaceful sleep.

Define success for you, Never let anyone else give you the definition to Success. Success for me also means working from home.

Recently I was asked where my favorite place in the world was, My response shocked people. Not because I am well traveled quite the opposite I have only been to a few places, but because there are so many places I still want to go. But, My favorite place is an over sized swing on a hill in my backyard, under a shade tree, Husbands head in my lap while I sip on Raspberry Tea and Read. Since I’m in the south if you wish this for me be sure the Tea has ice and throw in a breeze please!

Define Success for you. Only then can you achieve it.

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