Never Speak Again ~How to Talk With People

Seriously, How complicated can it be? Learning how to talk with people is only important if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life alone or if you intentionally plan to Never Speak Again. And, Let’s face it,  as Humans some people are wishing we would never speak again. If you find yourself misunderstood or misinterpreted it usually is because of perception and personal filters.

Every time we have a conversation our take way from the conversation is not JUST  based on the words that were said but on the personal ideas, experiences, body language and history of the people talking.

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   Frankly you would think how to talk with people would be a simple enough concept to understand… Open your mouth and speak, Right? But then something starts to happen the minute you start thinking about a conversation. Your brain freezes, your palms sweat, you babble or ramble on and on and on, you get the picture. So what is the solution?  Never speak again?  Or Have a “talk to plan” before you ever meet your ideal friend, client or partner.
When I meet someone who I know would be great to work with I immediately find out what there dominant personality traits are and then I speak to those traits. Sounds contrived? Think about it. The last job interview you went on, did you go with a plan? Did you know who your references were going to be before you got there? Did you read over the application and actually think about your answers?  Of course you did! Especially if you actually wanted the job! You made yourself, your resume and your conversation as attractive as possible to gain favor with the person you were conversing with.

So if you want to work with or get to truly know a specific client or person then you need to know who you are talking to before you go and how to speak to that personality style with authority and confidence.  You need to Know how to talk with people!

Watch for our how to talk with people  Class Coming soon to this sight!  Video and PDF Downloads will be available.

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