4 Things you need to know to build your brand. If you haven’t already picked up a copy of my book you really should if you are still building your brand. You want to make certain that you are marketing a get it nowclear idea, understand what a brand is and how to leverage its power for your success, How to measure your return and how to create a win-win scenario. Below you can check out some of the points covered in 10 Easy Steps in 10 Days to Create a Remarkable Brand.

Marketing a Clear Idea

There are so many ideas on what a brand is that often clarity becomes confusion and the idea of branding gets pushed to the side as you attempt to market. To insure that we clear the fog lets take branding to its simplest form.


What is Branding?

Your Brand is actually a compilation of many parts. First and maybe the most important is what people say about your brand when your not around.  Then it becomes how they feel about working with your brand and knowing what of their expectations are going to be met.  This can be achieved with a firm mission statement, Customer Promise and an unquestionable character.

But Branding is also Visibility. You can be a brand with a great Idea and amazing Customer Service Experience Policy but until your target market finds you then your just a great idea in the dark.

How to Measure Success for Your Brand.

Success is easier to measure than you may initially think. When you have a high number of referrals, a high level of self initiated contacts, a high closing percentage and are able to charge premium fees you are creating success. Recruiting and retaining new clients becomes easy. Understand that it is measurable but that you must create a perfect storm scenario to achieve Success.

 Creating a Win – Win Scenario

So how do we create a winner? The whole reason your brand exists is to meet a need in a niche. Whatever it is that you are doing or offering exists for the sole purpose of meeting a need for a group of people. This is referred to as target marketing. If you aim at everyone your going to miss every time. But if you aim at just the people who have the need that your brand can meet then you are going to succeed. So we will call the first step in creating your win-win situation by Defining your Target Market.

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