Do it Scared.

Are your dreams dying in a rut or are you Doing it Scared? We have all been where you are right now! Stuck in the Rut of I will do it when we should just be “Doing it”! Instead we are watching others do what needs to be done to achieve success and feeling sad and depressed that it all seems to be working for everyone else but not for us. When will you make the decision to move on with your dreams?

How is wishing working for you? Wake up!!! Stop being passive and stuck right now, get up and get going with these easy steps.


How can you tell if you’re living passively?

Where do you want change in your life? Have you taken action?
Have you:

• Made a written plan or step-by-step strategy? • Sought out the knowledge necessary to get to your goal? • Stopped trying to make everything perfect before you start?  • Stopped using the excuse that you and your business are completely subject to outside forces such as the economy and the latest news story that email is dying.

Stop Telling yourself Stories about why it is not working and get to work!
Fear is a major reason we become stuck in a certain path. Fear of failure of ridicule of loss of influence. Press on through the fear. One of my dearest friends is a bit of a daredevil. He is (in my mind) completely impervious to Fear. I once said to him “How do you do things like that, you are fearless!” His response was profound. “That’s not true, I get the jitters about a lot of things. I’ve just taught myself to Do It Scared.”
The secret to moving on ~ Do It Scared.

Here are some practical action steps to take this week:

1. Choose an area of your personal or business life  where you want to accomplish some thing new.
2. Write it down now. Don’t just do it in your head! This is impossible to reach a goal it needs to be measurable and you need to write it down so you can check off each step. Do some research on it to see how others have achieved it.
3.Write down each step you believe will be necessary to reach your goal. Make sure you know how to do each step and if you are unsure look for videos on youtube or vimeo that offer help.
4. DO IT SCARED. Plain and simple.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re moving ahead in life or in business if you do not have a clear action plan to your goal. You’re really living the passive life and avoiding a plan. Get out your power tools (Pen & Paper)  right now and take massive action, do it scared and soon the fear will go away!

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