Is your network marketing company destroying you financially?

Is your network marketing company destroying you financially?  We have all desired the lifestyle of More. Not necessarily wanting more for ourselves but wanting a better life for our families our friends and our community.

Before You Delete me! Note 2 Things. 1. I Love Amway! And 2. I only use their name because they are the most Recognized MLM Around the World!

Before You Delete me! Note 2 Things.
1. I Love Amway! And 2. I only use their name because they are the most Recognized MLM Around the World!

The Presentation

We have all sat through the presentation where we are asked “If Time and Money were not an issue what would you do?  If you had extra money to do whatever you wanted with where would you spend it? What would your house look like? What would you drive? Where would you vacation? What would you do for your family? Your Friends? Your Community?”

I once sat through a presentation where the “Leader” boasted if he were lost in a war zone his pastor would send a “Posse” because of what he was able to gift his church.

The Close

Once they have finished their presentation they will close with the idea that if you did not get in Right now you are going to miss it all. They would be so busy next week they would not have time to help you. You gotta get in a head of the Curve, They are in the Momentum phase. They are going to put a whole bunch of people under you……. Your smiling because you’ve heard it too?

You bought the “Kool- Aid” The flavor of the month. In the excitement and desire to be a better person and to help others …… I’m not making fun of you! I have a closet full of Kool-Aid myself.

The Realization

Then comes the realization, the buyers remorse and the NFL club. NFL – No Friends Left. You see just because you like the Kool Aid and you want to use the Kool Aid does not mean your friends do too. So after contacting your warm market ( what the person who got you to buy the kool aid told you to do and who by the way can smell you coming) and being turned down, hid from, ostracized from friend and family gatherings and ran from in the church parking lot. You have a decision to make Quit, or Press on & Learn to Win.

Wanting to do more for your friends and family to help your community, your church and those you love are all NOBLE Desires. And unfortunately Network Marketing Companies, Multi- Level Marketing Companies and Internet Marketing Companies all take a turn in praying on those people.

So Should You Quit?

Probably Not. But you do have to decide more than a few things. Are you willing to learn and be mentored by those that have been successful in only talking to their Target Market and Not To a Warm Market. Know the difference in a Warm and Target Market. Understand how to find and talk to a target market. Understand How to communicate with all personality types…… Your probably feeling overwhelmed. Stop. Take a deep Breath! Being an Entrepreneur is not always easy but if you decide on that path, Persevere.

Keys to The Kingdom

So How do you stop your Marketing Company from Bleeding You Dry.

Due Diligence. Don’t be pressured into doing anything without first researching it.

Is the company in Good Standing with the DSA. Any VALID BBB Complaints?

Products Values & Company Message should be clear & in alignment with your values.

Know the People who invited you. Check all their resources for information on who they are.

All companies are going to have Scam Alerts if their doors have been open more that 24 hours. Not necessarily because they are a Scam but because there are always people out there who are looking to cause trouble for anything good usually in hopes of a hand out.

If They Tell You its Not HARD WORK They are lying to you.

They are going to tell you it is the easiest money you will ever make. I hate that they say that because then when it does not work  for you right away, you feel stupid or that you somehow are less than everyone else who seems to be enjoying success.  There is a learning curve!

Let me explain it a different way. Let’s say you need open heart surgery. Are you going to go to your Dentist? Why Not? He probably went to school as long as a Heart Surgeon. HE has Dr. in his title and let’s say he is going to give you a discount!

Still not convinced? Me Either! Expecting you to know how to build a Business as soon as you sign up for one is the same equivalent. Don’t be discouraged by lack of knowledge just learn.

This is one of my favorite learning tools and the 30 Day Bootcamp is Complimentary. For 30 days you can receive valuable information on how to grow successfully on line and with YOUR Current business with no charge to you and no Card Required. Just visit the Smarter Networker Box on the top right side of this page and let me know what you think on Our Facebook Fanpage.



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