11 Ways To Create Great Pics for Posts! Want to Create Great visuals for your Blog or other Social Media Posts? Check out these 11 programs to enhance, manipulate, crop, edit… you get the Picture! (Pun intended)


1. Gimp – Like Photoshop to edit your images, then Gimp is for you. Download this free image editing software to have the ability to draw shapes, create vignettes, animate, color correct and manipulate photos.

2. Instagram – Instagram has become increasingly popular as a social network. Users take pictures and videos, edit and share with friends across multiple platforms. Businesses share photos of their products, run contests and even sell items.insta

3. Pixlr – Pixlr offers a photo editing smartphone app, & they have three different online programs to bring out the best in your visuals in three styles: advanced, efficient, and playful. It’s easy to use for all levels and makes your photos look professional and fun.

4. Google+  Google+ has made it easier than ever to edit photos, include text and publish straight to your timeline.

5. Quozio – Quozio will help you beautify your quotes in a few easy steps. Quotes are great to share on Pinterest, Facebook and even in your blog content when you want to emphasize a statement.

6. Gif Maker – Gifs are another great way to get users’ attention. And they’re a lot easier to put together than you might think. Simply upload your pictures and animate them using Gif Maker’s easy-to-use tools. Need Ideas, There are lots and lots for you to view.

7. Quick Memes – Quick Meme is an easy tool to put together famous pictures with your hilarious and relevant text. And if you can’t think of anything, you can scan the thousands of already created memes on the site.

8. Piktochart – Infographics are a great way to simplify information down to easy to understand chunks. Piktochart is just one of many infographic tools that you can use to create an information visual. Infographics are Perfect for Pinterest!

9. PicMonkey PicMonkey is a free editing program for photos. Use their simple tools to touch up your photo, add text, merge images, watermark or create a collage.pic monkey

10. Picasso- The Picasa software provides a simple way to view, edit, and organize the photos on your computer. And allows for several editing options to enhance your photos, Create a collage or turn them into a movie.

11. Draw it yourself! Hand-drawn pictures are popular and easy to do. After you draw your picture or diagram, take a photo of it upload to one of your picture editors. Enhance, Manipulate, Add a filter upload to your content.

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