So many social platforms, so little time. Which to choose? Twitter is a traffic driver. Twitter is Social Engagement on Fire. The biggest reasons it is so popular is time, engagement and ease of use. Here are at least 3 Reasons You Need To Be On Twitter.

The biggest reasons it could make a difference in your market are as Follows:

1. Staying Informed ~ Every possible niche that you can think of is on Twitter.   People are chatting about their news, culture, and opinions in their niche.   Whether you are an entrepreneur, a part time business owner, or a professional, Twitter is an excellent resource for information in any conceivable field.


2. Staying in Touch ~ It is extremely important for you to keep in touch with your potential clients and existing customers.   You want to know what they think about your business or your competition.  This way you will be able to do efficient market research, improve your existing products, and create new ones.

You can do this by listening to the chatter in your niche and actively participating.    Be sure to ask questions, re-tweet good content and thank people for engaging you. And the great news is that because Twitter is so easy to use, you can stay in touch with people on a minute by minute basis if needed.

3. Staying Engaged and Current ~ If you engage on Twitter, on a daily basis, you will always know what is going on in your niche.  This is important.  If you know the latest buzz and share it with your followers then people will begin to regard you as the go to person in your niche. Lending you a credibility that your competitors are trying to buy! People will come out of the woodwork to begin connecting with you.   And here is the beautiful part, as you start building relationships with these connections, their trust in you will grow. When People Trust You, They will buy from you, your business will go to another level and you will become a person of even greater influence in your arena. So Tweet Your Heart out!

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