Your Free Billboard.

So exactly how much does a billboard cost and how many people are actually going to drive by and see it? What if you could get something like a billboard and have it in front of your target market on a regular basis without worrying that the right people drive by and look up, Risking life and mayhem trying to read and drive at the same time?


Yes, Everyday our inbox is slam pack full of emails coming into us interested in offering us something or inquiring about our goods and services. So how many emails do you get and send out in a day. Even if and especially if I did not solicit the email I send a reply email back. Why? My electronic signature. My mini billboard that goes out on the bottom of all my emails.

me banner




with a simple link to my site.  By making it easy for them to go to my site they often do creating traffic for free. There I make sure that my irresistible offer is visible on the first screen shot with the ability to opt in or subscribe.






Thus allowing you to encourage subscribers immediately and build that all important data base.

Use the signature link on all your emails and watch your traffic increase. Change the wording on your email “billboard” or create different offers in the signature link to encourage recipients to go to your site.  This keeps your signature “fresh” and gives you an opportunity to share different aspects of your business or showcase different offers available on your site.

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