Pinterest For business Part 2 , Share, Optimize and Grow.

Pinterest also wants you include a thoughtful description on your pins. You can include the name of the product, what it was inspired by, price and the link to find it on your website.

The secrets to frictionless sharing on Facebook and Twitter

Pinterest is set for frictionless sharing with Facebook and sharing on Twitter is beyond easy.  You likely already have a following on Facebook and Twitter.  By sharing your pins directly to those sites you are leveraging your resources and expanding your reach to communities you’ve already built.


To share directly to Facebook sign onto Pinterest, click your username at the top-right toolbar, then click Edit Profile. Next, you can add/remove Pinterest to your Facebook Timeline by clicking the slider. ON will add your pins to your Facebook Timeline. OFF will remove Pinterest from your Facebook Timeline.

When you are pinning something you will be able to select which board it is pinned to and then in the lower right corner check the Twitter box.  That will share the pin directly to your Twitter account.

Overlooked Basics that Could Impact Your Brand

There are so many social networks now, a lot of us start to overlook the basics.  Be sure to make your bio fantastic, use a great profile picture and include links to your website.  In most cases you can use your Twitter profile for Pinterest, but if you want to spruce it up here are tips.

2 Ways to Quickly Integrate with Facebook

Like all social media sites we start with zero followers.  One way to ramp up your following quickly is to invite your Facebook friends to follow you and follow your Facebook friends.  Pinterest has made this really easy.

Click the Invite Friends button in the top right.  Then click Facebook in the left margin.  Two columns will appear – Invite Friends and Friends on Pinterest.  To invite friends, click the red Invite Friends button, select the friends to invite and send requests.  To follow friends, click the Follow All button for the Follow button next to their name.

Use the Goodies

It’s important to let people know your are on Pinterest so they know to find you there.  A simple way to do this is to add a pin it button to your website.  People will be able to go straight from your website to your Pinterest account where they can see more about your brand.

Go to Goodies and scroll to “Follow Button” for Websites.  There are a few options available.  Select the image you would like and Pinterest will generate code.  Paste the code into your website.

The other Goodie that makes Pinterest easy and more likely for you to use is the Install a Pin It bookmarklet to your browser.  Follow the step by step instructions.  If things are easy to pin, you’ll be more likely to do it.

How Crowdsourcing Can Feature Your Brand without You Selling It

Ask fans of your brand to pin pictures of themselves with their favorite product of yours and tag you, then you can repin those photos onto a VIP board. It’ll show potential customers that your current users really like using your product and it will help build a relationship with your current customers.

Little Known Ways to Optimize Your Pins

Put keywords and hashtags in each description as it relates to your product or service. Users will be more likely to find your pin when searching for something specific if it is optimized. You could put #beauty #makeup #hair #skin for a pin about skincare, hair care or beauty tips.

Search for pins from your company

Pinterest is active and there is a little trick for seeing what people are pinning about your company.  Just type this into the url http://pinterest. com/source/ and a list of pins from your website will appear.

This gives great research and insight into what is popular and can help direct some of your efforts, so keep an eye on it. It also allows you to comment back to people from one place.

We would love to hear other insight you have and things you’ve done on Pinterest to grow your business

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