Developing the right philosophy is essential to success. If you missed   Step 1 Develop the Right Mental Attitude followed by  Step 2 Develop the Right Skills  be sure to read them first and then come back here to Developing the right philosophy.

Step 3 Develop The Right Philosophy

Developing the Right Philosophy is easy if you follow advice from Zig Ziglar. Mr Ziglar has a Golden Rule Philosophy that is unique to him. It States: You Can Have Everything In Life That You Want if You Just Help Enough People Get What They Want.

Mr Ziglar has developed his own chart that he believes identifies every bodies wants in life:

To be Happy100_4727

To Be Healthy

To Be at least reasonably prosperous

To be Secure

To have Friends

To Have Peace Of Mind

To Have good Family Relationships

To Have Hope

Can you identify with these desires? Which ones do you already feel you have accomplished?

This basic idea of developing philosophy and the Ziglar Golden Rule is truly a practical approach to enjoying success in all aspects of your life. Personal and Business are actually interwoven as you cannot seperate the person you are in one from the person or character you are in the other. Your physical, mental and spiritual lives are all connected and directly impact your financial success. Making Money when following these philosophies should be easy. I know that while making money is not the number 1 priority on most peoples agenda’s, The Mortgage company, the Power company and the bank all want it and do not really care about my philosophies. So do I want money to come easy to me or do I want to struggle?

HELLO! Easy please. So I understand when I help enough people get what they want I will have what I want. Yes Mr. Ziglar we have Adopted your philosophy.

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