Become a Success Maker Step 2: Developing the Right Skills – If you are following along with our success series you will have to agree that skill is necessary to your goals. You can have a great mindset or positive attitude but without the right skills for doing what you love you are simply a vehicle without gas. You can look real pretty but you aren’t going anywhere.


Developing the right skills takes discipline. Only you can determine what skills are needed to achieve your goal and to figure that out you have to decide what it is you love to do. Once the decision is made about what you love ask yourself if you have the skills or if you need to develop them. If development is your next step then sit down and map out a way to reach those goals.

I was a single Mom for eight years. After a divorce and custody battle it took me a while to decide that people were worth trusting again. Once I made that decision I made a very conscious effort to decide what kind of people I was going to associate with and that I was going to seek out someone to spend the rest of my life with.

In all this decision making I read Neil Clark Warren’s book on How To Find The Love of Your Life. In it there was a test that had you describe your ideal mate his physical qualities, his personal attributes, his character and after you answered all those questions you turned the page and read…… Is the person you just described looking for someone like you. OOOPS! I learned I might have to do some work on me before I could find “him”. There were also a series of questions that you needed to know the answer to before you made a decision to be with some one. I made my map. If I wanted a Godly Man he was probably looking for a Godly Woman, If I wanted a Trusting Man he was probably looking for someone trustworthy……. Once I went through each characteristic of what I was looking for I developed the discipline to become what that characteristic would expect in return. I know doesn’t sound very Romantic. BUT!!!!!

Jim and I met In January on E-Harmony got engaged in February and Married in May. A Lot of People said it would never last….. that was almost 10 years ago. My point? Decide. Develop the skills you need and go after what you want. (PERIOD)

So Why Blogging – I love to write, to develop the skills necessary to be read I had to study lots of materiel on various topics of interest. Those topics had to undergo my interpretation and then I had to learn how to get them in front of people so that I could be heard… or read. To develop my skills I decided to become a part of the internet marketing so that I could do what I love and have everybody else worry about the details.

SMART NOTE: You can only ever work on, Develop or Change You.

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