Having the right mental attitude Step 1 to  becoming a Success Maker. When we talk about the discovery of anything we are usually talking about a process of looking for something to find it first. Obviously there are times when Good fortune and opportunity meet and we all but stumble upon a great find.

What does success look like for you?

But, for the most part, we have to be looking in the first place. So how do we go about looking? In most cases we develop a formula. A formula that helps us Stumble upon whatever it is we are looking for.

Most of us are looking for success. Or want to become a success maker. We have to understand that the greatest successes often start with our relationships and how others perceive us.  If we were to develop a formula for success, Personally I would put mindset or philosophy first.

The right mental attitude can often times take us much farther down any path we originally anticipated. Especially if we want to be a success maker.   Developing an attitude of  acceptance, love forgiveness, kindness and consideration are necessary to success in relationships. But, you also need to have an open mind about your own personal growth and development.

BE positive about yourself, stop judging you by everyone else’s measuring stick. I love a quote from Albert Einstein that says “Everyone is a Genius ~ If you Judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree he will live his whole life believing he is stupid.” We obviously do not all have Mr Einstein’s Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning but we do have skills and Blessings in Our lives that are pure Genius to ourselves and others.

Focus on what you are Fabulous at, Do what you love. How can you develop the Right Mental Attitude?←

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