You too can Succeed by focusing on the 5 tudes of life, If we were to build a foundation on a positive attitude, in order to attract more positive and like minded people to us, What exactly would we use for bricks?
How about the Tudes of Life?



Gratitude ~ Let’s start with gratitude, I believe that it is a given in life that we should begin and end each day with thankfulness and gratitude for all we have been given. If you will take the time to be thankful for all you have it is so much easier to get blessed with more. You will also find the more grateful you are for the smallest of things the more people want to be around you. The more thankful you are for abundance the more abundance is attracted to you. Life becomes filled with joy and others of like mind are attracted to the thins that you most want to perpetuate.
Attitude ~ Attitude is basically how you DECIDE to view life. Your mental attitude can be one of positive and optimistic thoughts, views and ideas or you can choose to develop negative. Choose Positive, it awakens so many things on a supernatural level for you to enjoy. People who choose to view things from the positive are so much more fun to be around, we all have days that aren’t so great, but bad times pass and positive people accomplish so much more. Your attitude truly is a choice, choose wisely.
Magnitude ~ Magnify the important events, places, people and things in your life, always take care of the details but Magnify the ones you want to enjoy more of and refuse to dwell on the ones that really aren’t important. You truly can do all things that you believe and have faith are possible, Magnify Possibility thinking.
Latitude ~ Understand that latitude defines all tat you can be, and you can be all that you imagined if you apply the 3 step to success formula. Rights as Human Beings differ from Country to country, but we have the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Define what that means for you and understand that only you can make it happen.
Multitude ~ You face 10’s of thousands thoughts a day, Decisions, Ideas.. It can all become overwhelming, you can get bogged down in the challenges if you focus on the negative but if you switch your view point looking at the positives you will begin to see ideas that present opportunities and instead of being paralyzed with fear and indecision you become liberated and are able to enjoy most of what is coming at you on a daily basis.
Focusing on Gratitude, Attitude, Magnitude, Latitude and Multitude all in  a positive light allows you to be a better friend enjoy more positive relationships and become a better person.
Developing an attitude of I can do all things through Christ allows you to say to the mountain “Move” and literally it has no choice but to move. Believe that you can move forward and achieve your goals, have faith that they are being achieved and walk in the knowledge that all things in the universe are aligning so that you will win.
Some people will tell you its all in your head, I’ve Learned when it moves to your heart you will  become the shooting star you always wanted to be.

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