The 8 Hallmarks that Define Success

By utilizing these hallmarks that define success you will be able to answer the question ~ Have you ever thought about what it is that defines who is a successful person and how they create or develop successful traits?
Some of the Characteristics that Successful people have and Cultivate are :
1. Conviction ~ When we talk about Conviction we are talking about the idea that you believe in what you are doing beyond all else. No one can make you waiver. Decided. Done. This is conviction.
2. Commitment ~ You must be commited to your plan of action, but first there must be a plan of action, once you create a plan and commit to the finish line your convictions will carry you through.
3. Hard Work ~ Pray like it all depends on God(it Does) and work like it all depends on you. The Bible tells us that Faith without Works is dead. You cannot expect to have success handed to you, it is necessary to earn it. To earn anything requires work. The Harder you work the more successful you become.
4. Love for What You do ~ One of my favorite books is Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow. By Marsha Sinetar. It is so easy to Work Hard when you love what you do, look to self and figure out what it is you love and research ways to monetize it. Understand that you probably won’t love every aspect but that isn’t required.
5. Integrity ~ Integrity can be desbribed best in 3 sentences:
Do what’s Right.  Do Your Best.  Treat Others as you Want To Be Treated.
6. Character ~ Each of your Actions is an indication of your Character. If you always be your best self then you Always show your best self.
7. Consistency ~ Always Do What’s right. Always Do Your Best. Always Treat Others as You Want To Be Treated. This is Consistency, Always.
8. Persistence ~ If you quit when you meet the first obstacle you will always wonder what you Could Have Become. Persist when everything and everybody whines quit. Their lack of Motivation is Not Your Reality.

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