Building a Network of Winners.

We all want to build a network of winners, the question is how? As adults and business owners it is imperative that we look to our own mindset and mental state to understand that what happens in our lives is usually directly related to what we think and believe.

Why-Network-MarketingOnce we become aware of this we can choose our thoughts to reflect what we actually want to be manifested in our lives. Becoming aware is the key.

When we acknowledge that what we surround ourselves with is what we get then we can consciously choose to surround ourselves with positive thoughts, ideas and people it brings forth in our lives the positive life, peace, balance and harmony that we desire.

So what has this got to do with being an entrepreneur?


The way in which we relate to people has everything to do with how we see our role in their lives as business partners and Coach’s.. Most of us carry with us certain ideas and thoughts about Entrepreneurship based on the way we perceive business ideas and concepts.. Good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative…we simply carry on what we learned from watching other business owners and previous job experiences without much conscious thought.

What I am referring to is what I have coined your “business  mindset”.

We know that when we want to attract a new customers or distributors, we must clear our mindset of negative thinking that will interfere and block the attracting and allowance of what we desire. In other words, if we say we want a better organization or network group, with higher compensation or a higher goal and then constantly tell ourselves that we will never find the kind of people we are looking for and even if we do, we most likely won’t get them interested because there are so many other people looking for a great people, the chances of bringing a new people into our reality is pretty slim at best.

The same principles applies to our life journey. If we say we want a loving, cooperative, respectful relationship with our friends and family and then scream at them when they do something we feel is inappropriate, our desire for a cooperative respectful relationship goes unfulfilled. On the other hand, if we act and speak in a loving and respectful way to these same people, they in turn will be cooperative and respectful as well.

My Favorite quote on Face Book and Twitter is

“If you see entrepreneurship as a difficult job, then it will be. If you see entrepreneurship as an amazing opportunity to nurture and guide a new venture, then it will be.”

Just as there are beliefs and ideas that limit our potential to have the right network, money or life partner we desire, there are also beliefs and ideas that interfere with the network group relationship experience and to grow we have to address these:.

  • If you want your group to be respectful, you must respect them.
  • If you want your group to be trust you, you must trust them.
  • If you want your group to be considerate, you must be considerate toward them.
  • If you want your group to listen to you, you must listen to them.
  • If you want your group to be timely and enthusiastic you must be prompt and excited.
  • If you want your group to love themselves, you must love yourself.
  • If you want your group to work on their self esteem through books and CD’s they need to see you doing the same.
  • If you want your group to love life, business and other people, you must love life, business and people too.

And more often than not, the beliefs that block our desires are buried in our subconscious mind, far from our everyday awareness. It is for this reason, it is imperative that we examine our ‘business mindset’ to be sure what we are passing on to our group what truly reflects our intended goal of what is in their best interest.

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