Positive Thoughts Lead to Success. When you Think of owning your own business your thoughts immediately run to how you can change peoples lives with what you have to offer and how your life will be changed if you achieve success. You start out excited seeing the glass as half full. Then your tossed on the roller coaster of starting and running a company, even a home based business can be overwhelming so how do you survive and thrive? The most successful entrepreneurs believe that positive energy can actually be the difference between long-term success and failure in any business. Check out 9 simple ways how thinking positively can lead to success.

1. You are the Captain of your own Boat. You have the ability to choose the ride you want. When you understand that you set the Sail~ you choose your energy, it will determine the glide along the waves, your attitude and how people respond.

2. Always Own Responsibility. In the long run, it’s all on your shoulders. Being accountable for your own business is the reason you started a company, right?

3. Garbage In Garbage Out, Likewise Positive In Positive Out. What ever we feed ourselves each day with negative fuel or positive fuel, our attitude, our mindset, our belief, our optimism has a big impact on our day.  Maintaining positive energy will be like jet fuel to your Business, you will be able to accomplish things that other people only dream about.

4. Lead with optimism. Optimism is one of the defining factors of entrepreneural success. Optimistic salespeople outperform pessimistic salespeople, Optimistic leaders are able to get their people in the right direction and create success. Inspiring people with optimistic ideas and positive reinforcement leads them to push beyond limits to new levels of growth.

5. No Energy Drainers Allowed. Gandhi: “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”  Adopt Gandhi’s attitude stress, and fear are the biggest enemies of positive energy.

6. Become Solution Driven. All complaining will do for you is bring you more to complain about. It is kind of like vomiting, when we see someone else do it we want to do it too. You Might feel better after vomiting, but all the people around you feel sick.  Make A Rule for your Team no Complaining allowed unless you come with one or two possible solutions to your complaint. Creating Solutions promotes positive energy and a feeling of Self Confidence.

7. ALWAYS Be thankful.  No matter how stressed you think you feel always be thankful. When you feel Stress is reaching its peak take a walk and mentally ist and Thank God for all your blessings. If you focus on the stress it grows stepping back going for a walk and focusing on all that you have to be grateful for helps you keep things in perspective.

8. Find your “why.”  Looking for Happiness is kind of like searching for a needle in a haystack some times. Decide to work with passion and with purpose and happiness will find you. Find a purpose and allow it to energize you. If You know your “why” it helps you overcome most challenges.

9. Share.  Share with your team what and why your business is important to you, transfer your beliefs to them. Always ask them “What do we value? What are our expectations? What are our beliefs? What do we want to accomplish?” It helps individuals become a team and work toward a common goal.

How have you used positive energy to fuel your business?

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