The Supernatural Power of Motivation

The Supernatural Power of being motivated is acting upon certain knowledge to reach a goal. The key to reaching any goal is to act. We can believe that anything is possible but until we act on that knowledge nothing happens. So how do we motivate people to move forward and end procrastination?

Do You Have Supernatural Power?

By emphasizing the rewards of being motivated. 
 11 keys to understanding the rewards of motivation.
1. Creativity ~ When we are motivated our creative juices seem to flow more freely seeking out and finding solutions to issues.
2. Energy ~ People who are motivated generate an energy that transcends the need for sleep or rest. They are on an adrenaline rush because they are excited about where they are going.
3. Flexibility ~ Motivated people are more adaptable people when things around them change they are open to the change instead of uptight about it.
4. Health ~ People who have positive energy and excitement are more motivated to seek out good advice on health and exercise to ensure optimal performance.
5. Magnetism ~ People are naturally drawn to people who are energizing by nature and habit, excitement is contagious.
6. Momentum ~ Motivation is self perpetuating, the more motivated you are the more motivated you become, the longer you are motivated the easier it becomes as it develops into a habit.
7. Multiplication ~ Again Motivation is highly contagious, the more excited you are the more excitement is created in those around you.
8. Recognition ~ Motivated people are respected for their achievements,  admired for their spunk and recognized as winners in all social circles.
9. Optimism ~ You can catch more flies with honey…. Motivated people recognize that more opportunities are opened to them based on their positive and optimistic views.
10. Productivity ~ Motivated people seem to have a supernatural spring in their step, they attack tasks with enthusiasm and excitement, they move quickly, deliberately and with a purpose in mind.
11. Stability ~ They appear to have a laser focused ability to stay on track and move toward the object of their motivation.
There are 2 Things that seem to be the catalyst for all motivation and they are The Desire for gain and the fear of loss.  While some are motivated by the possibilities other move or act out of fear of what will or won’t happen by their inaction.
However, according to Rabbi Daniel Lapin There are only four basic desires that exist to motivate people:
Wealth ~ for security and peace of mind.
Strength or Power ~ which can be a motivator to do good for ones self ones country or family. Wisdom ~ which enables you to make good decisions and treat people in an ethical manner. Honor ~ Which allows you to be recognized or rewarded for doing the right thing.
The Trick to Understanding the Supernatural Power of being Motivated lies in your own heart. Do you act out of desire for gain or fear of Loss? Whichever you choose the key is the same, you must act. 
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