How To Eat A Frog

If you ever wanted to know how to eat a frog this book is definitely for you….. Okay maybe not but it is a book that takes you through the process of deciding which things in your daily schedule should come first. Eat That Frog is A Book that explains how and Why you should Prioritize your day and not let your time be sucked up by time wasters.

So I’m Adopting a new Schedule Shared from Michelle Pescosolido After reading the book Eat That Frog.

Okay, so here is Michelle’s  new internet marketing daily schedule as this book has really shed some amazing light on her own daily schedule which she says will now be a thing of the past.

1. Wake up and focus on my family. Instead having them walk to school each morning, I am now taking time to spend 30 minutes with them before school and now driving them to school.

2. Grab a healthy breakfast for my mind and body plus some Tevana tea (my favorite).

3. Write a blog post as part of my internet marketing daily schedule each day that will impact my reader’s lives and business. Do this everyday. Consistency is the key to success, as I have always taught.

4. Check my emails but only do this for 30 minutes as emails in my opinion can definitely be a time sucker. Also unsubscribe to valueless emails that will not impact my business or are distractions.

5. Check the activity on my Facebook Fan Page and respond to all comments. Post valuable content 2-3 times a day. Again be consistent.

6. It should now be around 10-11am and I will be off on a nice run listening to another GREAT personal development audio book. Exercise it so important as a home based business owner. Get out of the house to get out of the rut, I like to say. It’s quite refreshing.

7. Check my Facebook Ads or other advertising I am running in our business for optimal results. Tweak as needed.

8. Return important phone calls as part of my internet marketing daily schedule from the day before or from that morning.

9. Finish up small tasks that are left on my list of things to do for the day so I am done by 2:45 pm when our girls come home from school so I can spend quality time with them and help with homework and partake in their extra curricular activities of the day like dance and swimming.

The rest of my internet marketing daily schedule for the day pretty much consists of personal tasks and time invested in personal development. I’ll hit up the tad poles if I have time.

You see my goal here in my new internet marketing daily schedule is to get the big, most impactful tasks done each day, “Eat That Frog”. Don’t fall victim to focusing on the easy tasks of the day and by the end of the day have realized you have not accomplished anything of significance in your business.

If one focuses on the money making activities first each and every day they would see a great increase in results and production in their own businesses.

Eat That Frog is Written by Brian Tracy and is an insightful tool to getting the right things done first. So How would you change your schedule if you knew How to Eat A Frog?


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