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How To Discover The Formula For Success

by  | on August 28, 2012

How To Discover  The 3 Part Formula For Success

Step One : The Right Mental Attitude.

When we talk about the discovery of anything we are usually talking about a process of looking for something to find it first. Obviously there are times when Good fortune and oppurtunity meet and we all but stumble upon a great find.

But, for the most part, we have to be looking in the first place. So how do we go about looking? In most cases we develop a formula. A formula that helps us Stumble upon whatever it is we are looking for.

Most of us are looking for success. We have to understand that the greatest successes often start with our relationships and how others percieve us.  If we were to develop a formula for success, Personally I would put mindset or philosophy first.

The right mental attitude can often times take us much farther down any path we originally anticipated. Developing an attitude of  acceptance, love forgiveness, kindness and consideration are necessary to success in relationships. But, you also need to have an open mind about your own personal growth and development.

BE positive about yourself, stop judging you by everyone else’s measuring stick. I love a quote from Albert Einstein that says “Everyone is a Genius ~ If you Judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree he will live his whole life believing he is stupid.” We obviously do not all have Mr Einstein’s MAthmatical and Scientific Reasoning but we do have skills and Blessings in Our lives that are pure Genius to ourselves and others.

Focus on what you are Fabulous at, Do what you love. How can you develop the Right Mental Attitude?

Step 2

How to Develop the 3 Part Formula for Success

Step 2: Adding the right Skills

You can have a great mindset or positive attitude but without the right skills for doing what you love you are simply a vehicle without gas. You can look real pretty but you aren’t going anywhere.

Developing the right skills does take discipline. One thing I hate is the idea of too much structure, but structure pays the bills so I have had to learn to work within a system or guidelines to attain success. Only you can determine what skills are needed to achieve yourgoal and to figure that out you have to decide what it is you love to do.

I love to write, but to develop the skills necessary to be read I had to study lots of materiel on various topics of interest. Those topics had to undergo my interpretation and then I had to learn how to get them in front of people so that I could be heard… or read. To develop my skills I decided to become a part of the Empower Network so that I could do what I love and have everybody else worry about the details. If you are wanting to blogCheck it out here.Meet 2 Leaders who want you to get to the top.

So step 1 is develop the right mental attitude and Step 2 is Develop the Right Skills. Stay tuned for Step Three!

Step 3

How To Develop your 3 Part Formula For Success

Step 1 Develop the Right Mental Attitude

Step 2 Develop the Right Skills

Step 3 Develop The Right Philosophy

Developing the Right Philosophy is easy if you follow advice from Zig Ziglar. Mr Ziglar has a Golden Rule Philosophy that is unique to him. It States: You Can Have Everything In Life That You Want if You Just Help Enough People Get What They Want.

Mr Ziglar has developed his own chart that he believes identifies every bodies wants in life:

To be Happy

To Be Healthy

To Be at least reasonably prosperous

To be Secure

To have Friends

To Have Peace Of Mind

To Have good Family Relationships

To Have Hope

Can you identify with these desires? Which ones do you already feel you have accomplished?

This basic idea of developing philosophy and the Ziglar Golden Rule is truly a practical approach to enjoying success in all aspects of your life. Personal and Business are actually interwoven as you cannot seperate the person you are in one from the person or character you are in the other. Your physical, mental and spiritual lives are all connected and directly impact your financial success. Making Money when following these philosophies should be easy. I know that while making money is not the number 1 priority on most peoples agenda’s, The Mortgage company, the Power company and the bank all want it and do not really care about my philosophies. So do I want money to come easy to me or do I want to struggle?

HELLO! Easy please. So I understand when I help enough people get what they want I will have what I want. Yes Mr. Ziglar I have Adopted your philosophy.

So now you know the 3 Part Formula The Right Attitude, The Right Skills and The Right Philosophy. What are you going to do with them?

Can you achieve Success with this formula?



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