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Shonta is Amazing! Her tips and tricks for marketing have changed the way that I conduct my corporate business as well as my personal business. She understands my need for quick, easy ways to make positive statements. She is Funny, Smart, Uplifting, Inspiring, and Encouraging!”

Samantha Warren Crisp

Director at Rhea County Center For Domestic Violence, and Independent Business Owner

Shonta comes with our highest recommendation, she is confident, engaging and entertaining all while educating her audience. While working with us we heard nothing but positive feedback from all the students, educators and business owners who attended one of her programs.


H. Hunter Hughes

Franchisee, Great Clips for Hair

Shonta knows how to turn a frown upside down! She always makes me laugh and as they say – laughter is the best medicine! Her inspirational words changed my life. She has motivated me to look at life situations/obstacles in a totally different way. Wear “Depends”- if you are going to one of her classes you are in for a treat.

Teresa Gibson

Wedding and Event Planner, Sweet T's Events and Catering.

Witty? Funny? NO! She is downright hilarious. She creates an atmosphere where everyone is included, having fun and marries entertainment to education to teach people about entrepreneurship.  She has a passion for what she is doing and it shows. Teaching is her forte’. We laughed so hard, but we learned so much!

Ronald Daniel

CEO, A Stronger Family

What a Character! You are Your Brand

You Are Your Brand Here’s secret successful marketers know: customers don’t buy a product. They buy you. Your personality. Your experience. The unique qualities only you possess.   There was a time when “branding” meant a corporate-looking logo and a slick...




 Work With Me

Helping Entrepreneurs Balance Life

So why would you want to work with me? Or Us?

I have been in your Shoes. If this is not your first Entrepreneurial Experience  and you are struggling to balance it all, we get it. It’s time you ran your business and not let your business run you. We do things differently.

Like us, You probably thought you knew where to start or you are starting where someone told you to and maybe you are having success or maybe you’re sucking wind. By Joining forces with our group will take you on a journey of understanding and help you to develop a plan to earn money while you are going through the process of growing your business, ministry or niche.

Simply Enough, We have so much to offer to help you launch your entrepreneurial venture, balance your work and home life and grow yourself.

We Develop Entrepreneurs, We want you to be Successful! What we offer in our group only. Whether you want to take your business Online or Keep it offline we work with that.

We offer a 30 day Powering Up Boot Camp. Where you will learn Personal Mindset, Permission Marketing, Target Market, Niche Markets,  How to talk to people.

Want to take it online?  How To develop an online presence. A  10 step branding program to elevate your Edgerank, Klout Score and Alexa ranking so that you can be heard and found by your market. How to set up a Domain and Blog Setup. How To Get Traffic,

We cannot Guarantee Your Success. Only You can Guarantee your own Success so if you get started and decide this isn’t for you, we offer a money back guarantee! Understand this is not for everyone.

  1.  You already own a Young Living business or already have a Young Living account.  This is for brand new people to our team.  We absolutely DO NOT take transfers from other teams, you can grow there with tools like, “Gameplan” by Sarah Harnisch.   This program is also not open to crossline or other YL teams at the moment as it’s training for our  personally enrolled only.
  2. You are not ready to annihilate excuses and take action.
  3. If you think $160 to start a million dollar business is “too much.”

People aren’t just looking for a place to belong, They’ re looking for a “Tribe” or Group where they feel they belong where they can be comfortable ~

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